Safa Aslam

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Safa was selected for the Gloucester Road Art Banners Project her artwork Proud Peacock can be seen on the upper part of Gloucester Road and a print is available to buy Here

Safa’s journey began with a love for classical literature. Studying novellas from the English nineteenth century at university inspired her interest in the vintage accessories to life of that period. Exploring simple drawings with focus upon the smaller detail, her work evolved into Lino prints. Safa became more aware of the power of simplicity and art as a form of narrative.

Through her travels, Safa became fascinated with culture when discovering more of her eastern and western heritage; her sketches began to range from the exotic Persian influences to the enriched woodlands of Britain. Texture and pattern played a key role in fusing the landscape to her interest in focus. This enables Safa to use layered mediums like watercolors, ink, and fabric to encompass more detail within her work.

Safa hopes to convey energy, passion and vibrancy in her work, with its own tale to be discovered.

Alongside her art, Safa is a dedicated teacher at Bishop Road primary school.

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