Maita Robinson

Born into a family of practicing artists, Maita is an eclectic print-maker and classical singer who has always pursued artistic endeavors. She’s had several exhibitions in different media over the years including painting, mixed media, and printmaking. Also trained as a ‘classical’ animator at Vancouver Film School, she has made short films which have been screened at international film festivals. Maita is also a busy classical singer and qualified dressage judge!
After completing the Foundation Art and Design course at Queen’s Road in Bristol, Maita became a member of Spike Print Studios, where she was inspired to create large mono prints and also was able exhibited her work.

Maita’s current art work developed from her need to do something inventive which fits in with her busy schedule. She creates one off cards and small art works with low tech hand printing techniques, cutting and collating recycled materials and using beautiful papers to create quirky, unique, and often surreal images. Maita’s hopes those who view her work will join in with her sense of fun.

Maita’s cards have become increasingly popular at Room 212. Each one is individual, quirky and a mini work of art – these cards are kept and treasured rather than tossed into the recycling!

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