Avi Gray aka Erlenmeyer

Avi Gray is an illustrator specialising in the medium of fine inkliner pens and watercolour paints. She was born in Hampshire in the United Kingdom and was drawing and making gifts for her friends and family from a very young age. Her love of reading and drawing sparked a passion for telling stories and creating characters with a magical world of their own – Erlenmeyer.

Erlenmeyer is set in the distant future, telling stories about the lives and social structures of a sentient animal kingdom that spreads across 12 old human cities. There is an underlying focus on philosophy, politics and logistics of civilization behind each creative work, and Avi’s current major project is the writing of a book that comprehensively illustrates all of the above.
Over time Avi has continued to expand her illustrated universe, establishing a recognisable art and gifts brand in which she hopes all people of the world can immerse themselves to share humour, romance
and nostalgia.

Avi’s Erlenmeyer range, is all about creating a sense of nostalgia in something new. Using timeless family-friendly characters we focus on combining practical gift-ware with a huge range of personable art. Their purpose is to promote a safe, happy and positive world in which people can share their passions, dreams and hobbies with each other, and be encouraged to practice them! Society is ever-changing but we believe that our emotions and values remain the same; the heart has always been big and people continue to seek meaningful ways to connect with each other.  Their mission is to create a platform and community of characters for people to use to help express themselves and their thoughts towards their nearest and dearest. Their cute and humorous range pays tribute to the classical ideals of happiness, love and growth.
Erlenmeyer is committed to sustainability and being environmentally friendly. Gone are the days of disposable cards. Their greeting card designs are wordless illustrations that can be treasured and displayed as artwork long after they were originally given.
They want a gift to be a precious memory so they always use the highest quality paper and printing methods to ensure that all of their products have the happiest and longest life possible.
Their favourite themes include animals, music, architecture and hobbies, and stretch across a range of items such as greeting cards, prints, playing cards and calendars. They are excited to be in the process of expanding into stationery, tote bags, kitchen paraphernalia and childrens’ books

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