Room 212 is a shop and gallery on the wonderfully vibrant Gloucester Road, a street of independent and original shops. It is a social hub for local artists and surrounding community and is an important venue on the North Bristol Art Trail and Glos Rd Central events

Room 212 is an Independent Art Gallery and Gift shop of arwork by Bristol Artists at the heart of Gloucester Road. We love welcoming customers into the shop and try to find an answer to every request. We also do our best to help you online and through social media. If you see something you like then do get in touch.

Room 212’s strength is in the incredible variety and high standard of work on offer. Regular customers know that there will always be something new, unique and beautifully made by a local Bristol artist every time they visit. At the same time, artists are inspired by the original and creative work of others.

See inside Room 212 and hear from owner Sarah Thorp here Room 212 video


There is generally a theme to the exhibitions and window displays at Room 212 and this encourages artists to regularly update and create new work. Room 212 is owned and run by Sarah Thorp, a practicing mixed media artist. She aims to bring affordable art to customers while helping artists to make a reasonable living from their work.

Described as ‘fiercely independent’ Room 212 is the driving force behind the development of the central section of Gloucester Road Glos Rd Central, which has gained a reputation as a Destination for Art. Regular events keeps Room 212 in the news and busy on social media

Artists are required to help run the gallery which keeps down costs and allows an interaction between customers & creatives.

Artwork can be purchased through Room 212 or prints can be ordered here.

They also contribute artwork to community projects such as the Gloucester Road Art Banners and the Bristol Pound map of Gloucester Road or run workshops in front of the shop.

View inside the shop!