Jo Whiteland

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Jo discovered her passion for batik whilst working with artists in Kota Baharu on the east coast of Malaysia in 1991. On returning to the UK she moved to Bristol and developed her own style of batik, repeating motifs to give the works life, depth and a sense of movement.

The natural world provides an unlimited source of inspiration – the dynamics and tensions between different bird or animal groups are often a reflection of human social interactions. She works on white cotton fabric using traditional wax pens, wax and dyes building up layers to give depth and colour. Jo also produces etched glass to commission using wax as a resist before sandblasting.

Jo has exhibited widely in the West Country and at SWLA open exhibition in London. Her numerous commissions include several health centres, Swift Computing and private clients. She also teaches batik and runs community and school workshops producing large batik banners.

When not working as a freelance artist, Jo also works part time for Bristol Drugs Project

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