Hemali Modha

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Hemali studied Fine Art at Winchester School of Art and Coventry Polytechnic and has worked across many different mediums and disciplines including textiles, ceramics, digital art, as well as painting. She took a long break from painting while she explored her entrepreneurial aspirations, and continues to hold various business interests and projects but has also returned to art making.

Colour and process are central themes in her work as she is particularly interested in exploring the push and pull that takes place in the dialogue between the artist and the medium.

The tree and flower motif started appearing in her work partly because of her wonder, admiration and fascination of the natural world. How strange that we are made from the same but different configuration of cells and atoms. So many varied and beautiful things made from the same building blocks.

Drawing also plays an important part in her art practice and offers a foundation for the work. It is the discipline of drawing that then allows her to freely explore in painting more than what she sees. The paintings are as much an extension of her feelings, perceptions, and moods as they are an exploration of paint, colour, line, shape and texture.

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