Jemal Gugunava

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was born and grew up in Tbilisi – capital of Georgia, which is Bristol’s twinned town. He moved to Prague, Czech Republic, in 1992. Since September 2002 Jemal has lived and worked in Bristol, UK

Jemal is a full-time professional artist, graduated from the State Academy of Art in Tbilisi (MFA).

Jemal paints everything that catches his eye and imagination: landscapes (including abstract landscapes), places, streets, still life, female forms and portraits. This variety of subjects is an influence of his academic education which he combines with contemporary vision.

Jemal does not talk much about his work and does not like to write long descriptions. He communicates with people using a brush, palette knife, canvas and deep oil colours.

Jemal often uses so called impasto technique by applying thick paint straight onto the painting surface using palette knife. Impasto is an oil painting technique that compliments painting wet-on-wet or alla prima, which means “in one go.” He thinks that his best paintings were actually created “in one go”.

During his artistic career Jemal has exhibited his work around the globe. His works are in the public museums in Georgia, Armenia and Russia and many private collections throughout the world. Jemal participates in the art auctions and donates his paintings to the different charities. In January 2017 he donated his postcard size painting “Pomegranate” to the “Postcard from the Edge” Visual AIDS benefits show in New York (Gallery Metro Pictures) where it was sold to NY collector.

Jemal’s philosophy of life is harmony, purity, deep reflection, beauty, contemplation, reserve and simplicity of existence. He believes that art is a fuel for innovation, and exists for the development of humanity.

Jemal’s art reflects his mood and a spontaneous outpouring of emotions.

Jemal’s painting Bristol Totterdown Red Balloon is featured in the new Visa Christmas Campaign supporting independent businesses have a look here

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