Chew Valley Charms

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During the first national lockdown, photographer Mark Hayward started researching an old tradition of wearing charms which had once prevalent in his home area of Somerset’s Chew Valley.
After his research he had a list of ingredients that were once used and set about recreating the lost art of making protective charms with a 21st century twist.Each charm is hand made and filled with locally sourced ingredients true to the original folklore of the area.Chew Valley Charms have sent charms all around the world to locations such as Canada, USA, Mauritius, Tobago and even Peru!, spreading a little Chew Valley magick across the globe.

Since starting Chew Valley Charms has expanded it’s range, now recreating a variety of interesting and unique items used throughout British and European folklore. Every piece made by Chew Valley Charms is hand made and utterly unique.

Chew Valley Charms will eventually have a charm commission service here at Room212 Online so you can design your very own piece choosing contents, colour, shape and meaning for your own perfect charm, so watch this space.


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