Chew Valley Charms

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During the first national lockdown, photographer Mark Hayward started researching an old tradition of wearing charms which had once prevalent in his home area of Somerset’s Chew Valley.
After his research he had a list of ingredients that were once used and set about recreating the lost art of making protective charms with a 21st century twist.

Each charm is hand made and filled with locally sourced ingredients true to the original folklore of the area.
Rose Quartz and Fluorite from the Mendips – Love and protection
Dried Rose Petals – Passion
Ivy and Holly Berries – To prevent intoxication and for fertlilty and eternal life
Blackthorn – The tree which crosses the barrier between this world and that of the spirit or fairie. Meditating under the tree would allow you to talk to these beings, but an amulet is necessary in order for you to return (just like this one)
Salt – Protection from evil
Yarrow – For healing and for Pratchett

Hawthorn – For protection from the realm of Faerie

The bottle is then filled with Glycerin to preserve the contents and sealed with home made sealing wax to lock in the charm and is looped to wear as a pendant.
Please note that the charm should be kept out of direct sunlight as the natural ingredients colours will fade.

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