English Love Charm – Chew Valley Charms



English Love Charm – £45

A pair of English love charms based on a 17th Century West Country original.

The heart shaped glass charm is designed to be worn as a pendant and is filled with Rose for love, Red Garnet for passion, Copper for luck and Carnation to fascinate!! It is strung on a simple black cord necklace that is removable. The glass phial is meant to be given to the object of your desire and is filled with the same materials before being sealed with red wax to bind in the charm.

The charms come packaged in a customised wooden box, which has been lined in red felt before being dyed, distressed and having the Chew Valley Charms tree of life wax seal applied to the lid, the box measures 9.5 x 5 x 5.5cm. Also included in the box are a couple of hand written cards expalining the charms and the contents.