Blue Witch Bottle Charm – Chew Valley Charms



Blue Witch Bottle Charm – £35

A blue glass charm pendant based on an English witch bottle circa 17th Century.

A witch bottle is a traditional English protective talisman or charm that was in widespread use both in the UK and the Americas to ward off evil. It was in use right upto the 17th Century, this version, like the original is filled with Bone for wisdom and protection (the bones are ethically recovered from Owl pellets) Moss and Lichen for the good will of the lord of the forest Cernunnos and Jade for luck, the bottle is then sealed with black bottling wax to lock in the charm.

The Blue Witch Bottle comes in a customised wooden box which has been lined with red felt, dyed, distressed and has had the Chew Valley Charms tree of life wax seal applied to the lid, the charm is strung on a simple black waxed cotton necklace, the box measures 7x7x5 cm and comes with two handwritten cards explaining the charm and it’s contents.