food pocket

We ALL need to EAT, but we face Huge Challenges to the ways we produce our food ~ challenges that affect EVERY-ONE.

There are over 7 billion people on this planet, & 200,000 more hungry mouths are born EVERYDAY Yet our ability to produce food is threatened.

There is a very real possibility that there will not be enough to eat in the future. We have to get involved & challenge the THREATS of Climate Change, decreasing oil supplies, & eco-system collapse.

Our current food systems are destroying BIODIVERSITY and our Environment. Whilst millions of people in developing countries starve, Westernised countries are developing life-threatening illnesses lkie obesity and diabetes.

There are no simple solutions to these challenges, but as a SOCIETY we all play a part. The conversation about how we resolve these issues, the kinds of food we want to have access to, and the kinds of communities we want to live in, is Fundamental to our Future. Our decisions about how and what we eat matter more NOW, than ever before. We are all in a position to influence a CHANGE.

Shaun in the City

City sheep


Throughout the trail Boston Tea Party are selling chocolate ganache filled doughnuts topped with icing and a raspberry, just like Tom Hovey's Shaun’s head! They have been developed by the amazing Hobbs House Bakery and all profits will be donated to the The Grand Appeal, the Bristol Children’s Hospital






Jenny pic



Popular Bristol artist Jenny Urqhuart has specially created a painting of Room 212 and Glos Rd Central for our upcoming exhibition 'Scenes of Gloucester Road'. Jenny's design for Shaun the Sheep was specially picked by Aardman Productions for the Shaun in the  City trail and will be placed at Paddington Station on March 28th. Another of Jenny's Shaun designs will appear in the Bristol trail from July, Room 212 stocks a huge range of paintings and prints by Jenny