Hometown, a Creative Journal




This journal is designed to help you see and experience your hometown or city in a bright new way. It’s filled with over 130 creative exercises to inspire mini adventures, mindfulness, connections with nature, sustainable living and community spirit.

So whether you’ve recently moved somewhere new or you’ve lived in the same place forever, embark on this personal creative journey to explore, discover and fall in love with where you live.

🏡🌈 A thoughtful gift for someone who’s recently moved to a new place! Perfect for new Bristol residents! 🏡🌈

Hannah Bevan is a writer and content creator based in Falmouth in Cornwall. Her first book HOMETOWN is a creative journal inspired by her own experiences in finding joy and a sense of belonging in the place that she lives. Now she’s on a mission to encourage others to do the same, through creativity, mini adventures, connections with nature, mindfulness and community spirit

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