Buttercups, Memories, Hopes & Dreams, Wotton Hill



Buttercups, Memories, Hopes & Dreams, Wotton Hill – Canvas Print of original painting by Holly Dunham  £185

Canvas size 60x60cm. Can be professionally framed in a tray frame – total cost of £285

This canvas print is hand varnished by Holly.

The original painting has sold but Holly can embellish this print on request – total cost £285, framed £385

Holly paints on location making the first marks of her paintings capturing the mood and feel of the environment she is capturing. She also works from reference photos, real life and her imagination. She often gets lost in the process of painting, entering a meditative state moving with tone, texture and the natural movements of the paint and how it wants to guide her. She explains that, “I work instinctively, allowing the image to evolve and the paint to generate tones and textures organically”.


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