Amazing Mums by Gabrielle Kuzak illustrated by Hannah Broadway



Amazing Mums by Gabrielle Kuzak & illustrated by Hannah Broadway  £7.99

Release date 8th March 2021. Preorder to make sure you have a copy in time for Mothers Day – your mum will love it!

This joyful book is a complete celebration of motherhood, exploring the extraordinary lengths mothers go to to protect and care for their young. Through author Gabrielle Kuzak’s incredible stories about real animals and Hannah Broadway’s vibrant and colourful illustrations, you will discover how truly amazing mums really are!’

‘Did you know that an orang-utan mother can make up to 15,000 nests for her young in her lifetime? Or that the mother dolphin doesn’t sleep at all for the first month of her baby’s life to keep her safe?
But do you know which mother cares for their baby longer than any other mum in the world…?’

“This beautiful book is full of amazing facts and stunning illustrations. It sings with warm, fierce motherly love.” – Abi Elphinstone, author of the bestselling The Dreamsnatcher trilogy.

Gabrielle Kuzak

Gabrielle is happiest when out on an adventure with her top team – her three boys and husband. She first started thinking about how amazing mums are when she was on a 10 week camping trip with her family in California, where she used to live. When a bear appeared growling outside their tent in Yosemite, she grabbed her penknife and was ready to fight the bear. In that moment, she knew she would do anything she could to protect her children, which was good because they were all asleep! It got her thinking, what other amazing mums are there on the planet? It turned out there are alot.
Gabrielle has worked in advertising, publishing and now travel but the job she is most proud of is being an amazing mum!

Hannah Broadway

Hannah is an illustrator and designer. She has worked with a range of clients from NHS to Nike, Bristol University to Bloomsbury Publishing. She works for both commercial clients and personal commissions, she also has a range of cards and art prints that she sells online and in small shops. She knows how lucky she is to do a job she loves! Hannah lives in Bristol, with her writer/actor husband, crested gecko, 2 cats and a daughter – who would like to be a cat!

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