Avon Needs Trees Gift Cards

Wondering how to buy art and gifts for Christmas without costing the earth? We have created gift cards so you can donate to Avon Needs Trees, a charity buying woodland to preserve and reforest in our area.

Every £2.50 you donate goes towards 1 metre square of woodland. The donation can offset your carbon footprint  or be sent as a gift to friends and family in one of our lovely artists’ cards. The gift cards are the size of a business card, printed on recycled paper with water based inks.

This scheme is launched in time for the North Bristol Art Trail 

Some artists on the trail will have the gift cards so do ask if you’d like to make a donation. Alchemy 198 is Venue 19 on the trail, with 4 artists. See here for details North Bristol Art Trail at Alchemy 198. This cafe, bar, gallery will have the gift cards throughout the year so you can pick one up with a drink or bite to eat

Learn more about Avon Needs Trees at the Glos Rd Central Christmas Streeet Party

or give a donation at the Alchemy New Years Eve Party