Photographic Exhibition 9th-23rd Oct – Bristol’s Synchronised Swimming Team

Eva Watkins presents her recent award winning photographic series about the Synchronised Swimmers of Henleaze Lake. Curated by Georgina Smith

Private View: Friday 9th October from 6 – 9pm.  To ensure social distancing there will be a maximum of 6 people in at a time. Please bring a mask. We have a large awning over the pavement to allow people to wait outside if its raining. Georgina will be there to greet you and Eva will be inside the gallery to talk about her work. After the Private View Eva will be at the bar a few doors down at 198 Gloucester Road Sidney and Eden

Eva and Georgina will be also be at Room 212 during the day on Saturday 10th October, 9am – 6pm.  You are invited to order prints at room 212 or send an email to Eva Watkins

The Exhibition will run until October 23rd








Eva has just graduated from the University of the West of England and hoped to do a group degree show. Due to the pandemic, that is very unlikely to happen therefore, curator Georgina Smith and photographer Eva Watkins have organised a solo show in Bristol, the city where the team first formed.

“The unique synchronised swimming group initially formed to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of Henleaze Swimming Lake, Bristol. Consisting of 80 people aged between 11-76, and of mixed genders, who were once strangers. Over time this group has created a space where strong friendships have formed, enabling them to share significant life moments with one another.
This work recognises their relationships; with one another and to the challenging environment, both as individuals and as a group. Working as a team and within the water has substantial benefits for mental and physical wellbeing. Water immersion naturally releases Oxytocin providing a feeling of calm and positivity, which allows bonds to form at a deeper level.”