Day Of The Dead 2017


Day of the Dead is one of our favourite themes of the year as it brings a splash of colour and fun to our windows. This Mexican based festival is a celebration of life and remembrance of loved ones who have passed on. Colourful skulls, crosses and bright orange flowers are used as decoration and prove an inspiration to Bristol artists. Celebrated Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, who loved the Day of the Dead, appears in work by Laura Robertson and jewellery Thomas Chadwick. Rosie Mclay’s etching of a spine and ribcage onto mirror adds to the mix plus ethereal photos by Mark Hayward. . Sarah Thorp has decoupaged some vases with the theme colours and special saint St Catarina. Guest artist Danielle Greenwood of Viva Los Muertos has created some amazing original artwork for our windows. She has also put together some fun kits for kids containing traditional sugar skulls and skull necklace beads.

Frida's Herat - Laura Robertson