Violet Femme – Chew Valley Charms



Violet Femme Charm – Chew Valley Charms

Handmade 3cm Glass Charm Pendant – £25

Postage and Packing – £5

Violet Femme is a charm named in homage to one of my favorite bands and is made to enhance life, laughter and parties. With the Red Vallerian hopefully acting as a hangover cure (no guarantees mind). It is hand made by Chew Valley Charms, based on the old tradition of charm wearing that used to exist in Somerset’s Chew Valley.

Violet Femme is a heart shaped glass pendant filled with locally sourced ingredients from hedgerow and garden. The contents are soaked in glycerine to preserve the contents. The bottle is stoppered with a cork to lock in the charm

Each charm comes with a black thong necklace and a custom box with a wax seal featuring Chew Valley Charms “Tree Of Life” Logo, also included are two cards explaining the meaning of the charm and the contents

A 21st century take on an ancient protection charm, every Chew Valley Charm is hand made and utterly unique, once a charm is gone it will never be replaced by a duplicate


Red Vallerian – Traditionally associated with drinking and also used as a hangover cure!!

Turquoise – To sooth, relax and enjoy the moment

Lapis Lazuli – For spirit and vision

Copper Wrapped Hawthorn – For the blessing of the faerie realm (who REALLY know how to party)

Black Thistle – For energy and strength

Please note – To keep the contents as colourful as possible, for as long as possible, please keep out of direct sunlight.