Crows Cry Charm Pendant – Chew Valley Charms



Crows Cry Charm – Chew Valley Charms

Handmade 5cm Glass Charm Pendant – £30

Postage and Packing – £5

Crows Cry is one of a new range of dry (no glyverine) unisex somewhat stripped back charms utilising natural ingredients from the woods, hedgerows and glades of the Chew Valley. These charms harken back to the original charms once worn by farmers and ploughmen who worked and lived here.

Crows Cry is a charm made for wisdom and to to guide and protect, this charm uses crow feathers from my local murder (a group of crows), crow feathers have been used for millenia by shamans and witches in talismans and charms, so I’m following a long and ancient tradtion.

Crows Cry is a straight sided 5cm tall glass phial pendant filled with locally sourced ingredients from the valley. The bottle is stoppered with a cork to seal in the charm.

Each charm comes with a black thong necklace and a custom box with a wax seal featuring Chew Valley Charms “Tree Of Life” Logo, also included are two cards explaining the meaning of the charm and the contents

A 21st century take on an ancient protection charm, every Chew Valley Charm is hand made and utterly unique, once a charm is gone it will never be replaced by a duplicate


Crrow Feather – For wisdom and protection

Hawthorn Thorn – For the blessing of the realm of faerie

White Quartz – For light and protection from darkness

Blackthorn Thorn – Protection from Poison.

Lichen – For the blessing of Cernunnos, lord of the wood

Moss – Brings the good will of the Mooslute, the moss folk of Germanic folklore

Bone – For the blessing of Viridios, lord of small animals.

Dried Yorkshire Fog grass – For memory

Henatite (Lodestone) – For true direction wherever you may wander.