Beltane Charm Pendant – Chew Valley Charms



Beltane – Chew Valley Charms

Handmade 3cm Glass Charm Pendant – £25

Postage and Packing – £5

Beltane is a travel/protection charm hand produced by Chew Valley Charms, based on the old tradition of charm wearing that used to exist in Somerset’s Chew Valley.

Beltane is a round glass phial pendant filled with locally sourced ingredients from hedgerow and garden. The contents are soaked in glycerine to preserve the contents. The bottle is stoppered with a cork and sealed with bottling wax to lock in the charm.

Each charm comes with a black thong necklace and a custom box with a wax seal featuring Chew Valley Charms “Tree Of Life” Logo, also included are two cards explaining the meaning of the charm and the contents

A 21st century take on an ancient protection charm, every Chew Valley Charm is hand made and utterly unique, once a charm is gone it will never be replaced by a duplicate


Meteoric Iron (from the Campo Del Cielo nickle iron meteorite in Argentina) – Protection from inhabitants of the “other” realm

Hand Made Copper Nail – For luck on your journey

Red Garnet – Passion for the journey

Hematite (lodestone) – For true direction

Blackthorn – Protection from poison

Poppy – For memory

Carnation – For love

Bone – For the blessing of Viridios, lord of small animals.

Please note – To keep the contents as colourful as possible, for as long as possible, please keep out of direct sunlight.