Beats Original Copper Plate Etching – Rosie McLay



Beats – Rosie McLay

Price – £85
Paper Size – 27cm x 30cm approx

Hand torn Somerset Velvet 350GSM soft white paper, minimum border of 2.5cm from plate edge

Edition Size – 25

Please note that due to the hand rendered nature of this printmaking process, each print has a unique finish, with varied fingerprints, mark makings and tones produced by the artist. Each print in the limited edition has been specifically chosen by the artist.

Rosie produces touching works based on her curiosities; subjects that fascinate, repulse, and bewilder. She mostly works with copper plate etching, but also explores works with glass, metals, large painting and screen print which have been exhibited around the UK. As well as being an artist she is an active contributor on the Bristol art scene, becoming Deputy Director of new arts studio and event space, Estate of the Arts (estimated opening October 2017), opening several pop up events for Bristol artisans, and being voted ‘One of Bristol’s Most Influential Under 24 Year Olds’ by Rife Magazine this year.

Editors Note – I am a huge fan of Rosie’s work, as good as the photos are the real thing’s are …. incredible, all a little bit different, all original superb works of art