Wendy Calder

Wendy is a local ceramicist, living in St.Anne’s who has been making and selling my ceramics since 1996. After graduating in Ceramics from Bath Spa University she backpacked round the world before starting a technician job at the City of Bath College. She went on to lecture in Ceramics for 11 years until we moved to America and Canada for my husband’s work, before settling back in Bristol three years ago. Wendy enjoyed doing Open Studios where she fundraised for The Alzheimer’s Society.

Wendy’s jewellery is made from white earthenware clay, with monoprint designs and glazed to 1080oc. To make the monoprints she paints ceramic black body stain onto glass. When it is dry, ceramic tissue is carefully laid on top and the drawings are done. The tissue is placed on the leatherhard clay and the image is rubbed
on. She gets the negative image by placing a new piece of tissue on the glass and gently rub it over the image to pick up the rest of the black stain. This produces quite a different quality of print, one which she enjoys using as a backdrop with more positive prints on top.

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