Pip Gillman

This May artist Pip Gillman will be showing his watercolour paintings of the local area. His work includes familiar scenes such as the corner of Gloucester Road and Bishop Rd (now used on the Glos Rd Central facebook page), Joes Bakery and looking down Pigsty Hill.

Pip was a fruit grower for twenty years, but a chance encounter in 1991, when he was given a sketchbook and pencil, started him on the road to painting aged 40.

Pip says, ‘I tried my hand at watercolour painting and discovered how frustratingly difficult it is! It’s an unforgiving medium, where mistakes can easily lead to failure. However, when it works its simplicity and transparency is quite unique.’

Self-taught, and with no formal art training, his influences are many, but his hope is to capture an individual feel for the subject. His days as a fruit grower are long gone and he now earns a living as a travelling artist, painting as he goes.

Pip Gillman’s exhibition at Room 212 runs from May 1st – May 17th. Weather permitting, he plans to set up his easel on the wide pavement outside the gallery and paint street scenes and passers-by. He will certainly be set up for the Glos Rd Central Mayfest which takes place on Saturday May 3rd. Pip plans to take part in the action by painting all day and will happily take portraits or give out painting tips.

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