Mary Price

Mary Price is a Bristol born painter specialising in bold expressionist paintings. She loves to fling paint around with wild abandon in her garden shed studio.

She is a Fauvist, an expressionist and an intuitive painter rolled into one happy party making paintings inspired by travel, the natural world, memory and emotion.

Her paintings can be described as imaginary, impulsive, multi layered, translucent and free but within the chaos she has a deep understanding of how colour works.

Mary’s attitude to work is quite simply that she believes painting to be a mysterious alchemy where freedom of expression and playful use of colour and mark-making can produce extraordinary imagery.

Every time she stands in front of a canvas she has no real plan.Her work unfolds in response to the way the paint moves and the marks build up. Sometimes images reveal gradually based on the thoughts that preoccupy in the moment and sometimes her work is completely abstract.

Mary believes that a painting can become whatever you want it to become. You are not always in control but that’s the magical bit. Images suddenly emerge, colour combinations start to sing and past experiences are subconsciously revealed.

She has always painted from memory in a kind of free form flow that allows experience soak up followed by transfer.

Mary works in acrylics and mixed media on canvas and paper. Her paintings can be ordered as giclee prints or canvas reproductions

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