Maggie Cousins

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Maggie was selected for the Gloucester Road Art Banners Project her artwork Celebrate can be seen on the lower part of Gloucester Road and a print is available to buy Here

Maggie Cousins is an illustrator and artist with a background in graphic design, she moved back to Bristol at the end of 2016 after living in New York for 10 years. She is drawn to colour, simplicity and humour, she is passionate about animals and often uses them in her work. Maggie’s work has a strong graphic style, using bold colours which she incorporates into her work using hand and digitally drawn illustrations. She creates work for clients in the US and UK, with a diverse group of clients from, her work has appeared in 2D and 3D across print and screen formats, including films, children’s books, magazine editorial, websites, logos and murals.

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