Kelly Blake

Kelly was borin in the artistic city of Bristol, United Kingdom and for her the inspiration for design and artistic flare began in the earliest of ages. From a young age it was clear that her passion was fixed on the most creative and stimulating areas of aesthetic design. At age 13, Kelly’s work was featured in Bristol Cathedral’s annual art exhibition where she was awarded her first award for up and coming artist.

Kelly attended Brighton Film School in 2010 where she obtained an ABFS Diploma and eventually moved to London to achieve a Master’s Degree with a very successful result in Cinematography & Post Production. Despite narrowng down her choices of studies in college and university, Kelly has always had an interest in every single aspect of creative production ranging from illustration to sculpture and photography to SFX make-up.

Kelly now resides back in Bristol where she is concentrating on creating a range of illustrative works featuring a scentific/mechanical surrealist edge; which is already proving very popular in the United States and Australia. She has since released her very first adult colouring book, Into the Wild, and continues to explore the in-depth world of surrealist & abstract illustration.

Please contact Kelly for any information regarding original pieces or one-off commissions.

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