Jane Booth Ceramics

My passion is to make beautiful individual pieces that can be used every day – mugs, jugs and bowls. I make unique, hand thrown and hand decorated earthenware ceramics.

I have always been involved in Crafts and loved making things and started pottery as a hobby about 12 years ago. After a few years I started to sell some of my pieces through a local gallery and things took off from there.

I work from my home studio in Bristol UK. My making process is a long one! First of all I throw pieces on the wheel, using terracotta earthenware clay. I then slip (paint) pieces with a liquid coloured clay. I make these slips myself. After an initial ‘biscuit’ firing pieces are glazed with a transparent food-safe glaze and fired again. Finally, ceramic transfers will be added and the piece has it’s third and final firing.

I am inspired by vintage ceramics, fabrics and children’s literature, especially favourite books from my childhood. No two pieces are exactly alike. My work has a nostalgic, pretty, vintage style but is made in modern practical shapes. It is suitable for everyday use and is dishwasher safe.

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