Debby Bird

Debby Bird Mixed Media Artist

Debby lives and creates her art in the heart of Bristol.
She makes artworks and jewellery using hand stitch and free motion machine stitch to make her drawings.Her work is often inspired by nature and explores local atmospheres and memories often using layers and textures.

“My work is as diverse as the ideas I am exploring, however it often is characterised by layers of colour, and free flowing yet intricate pattern.”

Debby uses stitch, batik and beautiful painted papers and fabrics to create images. She also works on a miniature scale using silver wire, wool and silk often encrusted with stitch and beads to make her “One of a kind” brooches.

Debby teaches art and textiles in schools, adult education,studio and healthcare settings. She has worked with groups of many ages from 3 to 93 years old.

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