Danny Jenkins

Danny has lived in Bristol for nearly 33 years and divides his time between running Bristol-based creative studio Thirteen.co.uk, creating illustrations and graphic art and dragging up two teenagers.

He picked up a pencil in 1967, and has been drawing ever since. He has applied his artwork to club flyers and posters, large scale installations, cars, clothing, websites, brochures, books, LPs, CDs and cassettes. He is a huge fan of the graphic arts and has lectured in universities around the country on illustration and design. Danny has worked in a wide range of media from spray-cans to digital and takes his references from music, the visual arts, his pals and the news. His loves collaborating with educational, charitable and cultural organisations.

Recently, in an effort to keep himself sane, he has started to dip his toe into the world of limited edition prints.

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