Colin Moody

Photojournalist Colin Moody worked as an art department assistant and graphic designer before focusing on photography. Since moving to Bristol nine years ago he has been photographing the city and its people. His book, Stokes Croft and Montpelier was a bestseller this Christmas.

Colin is showing his work in our exhibition space at Alchemy 198

He is now working on a project to capture Gloucester Road, the Great Bristol High Street. Working in collaboration with Room 212 owner Sarah Thorp the project seeks to create a living record of the independent businesses along this much loved high street. The shop keepers of Gloucester Road provide the backbone and heart of the community. Without their hard working commitment and dedication to keep their shops alive the high street would be taken over by chain stores, so losing its individual identity. Taking photographs of the traders at work remind us of the long hours and skills required to keep an independent business going. Colin uses humour and skill to capture these aspects.

If you are a business on Gloucester Road and would like to be part of this project please contact Colin Moody Sarah Thorp

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