Clare Hooper

Clare Hooper is currently showing her work in the main bar of Alchemy 198

A contemporary artist of British origin Clare obtained her Exeter University degree in 1978. She taught Drama and PE in London before travelling through the USA and Europe, settling in Switzerland 1978 – 1992  teaching at Freies Gymnasium High School for 12 years

Her continued annual travels took her to many parts of Asia and further afield. Moving to the Italian coast in 1992 her art expression flourished and took on a different form – Large expressive abstract paintings.

Clare held her first exhibition in Dordrecht, Holland in 1997. After two years of teaching in Rome, she opened her first gallery in San Felice Circeo in 1999.  A second gallery opened in Porto Rotondo Sardinia, and numerous exhibitions followed in various corners of Europe. This year she ran her own pop up gallery in the Clifton Arcade in Bristol. She is returning to Italy for the summer so has hung her work in our windows and in the Downstairs Gallery at Alchemy 198 We have lovely little prints taken from her work on canvas, set within square frames.

Hooper achieves with ease the transmission of vitality, speed, originality and inhibition to the canvas with a unique playful use of colour. Expresses her love of life, joy and vigour, untamed, enthusing smiles, wonderment, or furrowed brows! Like music, it is immediate, has something wild in its presentation, great for walls and corporate spaces, minimalistic environments in need of some warmth and sunlight.
Clare, with her husband and two children, has homes in both Bristol and Tuscany.

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