Barry Cawston

Recipient of numerous awards, including the ᅠPresident’s Award at the RWA ᅠOpen Photography Exhibition, Cawston exhibits widely at prestigious galleries and art fairs and his fine art photographs are now held in several notable public and private collections. His work demonstrates that in the hands of an artist of talent, photography can be a powerfully expressive medium able to create art of great beauty andᅠ to transmute the ordinary into the unexpected. Shot on a large format camera, Cawston’s images, whether landscape or cityscape, interior or figurative, display a fascination with shape, pattern, colour and texture and, coupled with metaphor and association, the poetry which these qualities can often suggest. Taken as a whole, his work seems to express an almost visceral response to the visual world.”
– Hugh Mooney ART Magazine

In a world that’s changing fast some things get lost or forgotten. Barry Cawston’s book ‘Are We There Yet?’, featuring over 150 images, is a visual reminder of Banksy’s Dismaland juxtaposing images from the site with others from Weston-Super-Mare, where Banksy curated his now world-famous art installation. Cawston’s photographs intentionally blur the line between the Dismaland art and Weston reality, showing the light and the dark side of both.

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